Join us for the Good Food Good Farming action days, 1-31 October!

Tell us what you are planning to do to raise awareness on sustainable food systems. 

We have some budget available to support the actions that are most in line with the goals of the GFGF action days and Slow Food’s vision.

Please note that we can only finance actions taking place in the European Union. 

General information

The Good Food Good Farming Action


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  1. Please describe the activities you are thinking of organizing and how they relate to the campaign's topic "Sustainable Food Systems"
    is it possible to make the box bigger here? 
    1. i think the boxes are standard (sad)

  2. Where (in which country, city, village) are you planning to carry out the campaign? Please name your city and country
    In order to more easily sort and analyse the data we will recive from the form, i suggest to make a box for country aand a box for village/town/city 
  3. Are you planning to involve other organisations? I
    as partners
  4. hat impact do you expect/hope for as a result of your action?
    And how will you measure it ? 
  5. ow would you spend your budget? Please specify approximate expected expenses (please notice the budget cannot be used to finance restaurant meals)
    Can we make the box bigger? 
    + i would maybe be a bit omre precise and say, Please specifify and briefly describe the approximate expected expense needs and amounts needed for each
  6. lease describe the activities you are thinking of organizing and how they relate to the campaign's topic "Sustainable Food System
    What about an additional question about how it relates to the Slow Food philosophy or Call to Action ? 
  7. Are you part of a Slow Food group? If yes, please name it:
    Do we wnat to ask if they are applying on their own personal behalf or on behalf of a slow food community? and maybe a question about how many people they expect to involve in the activity? 
    1. i am scared this question might be confusing. On the number of people i have added the point to the description of the activity (they will also receive a follow up email after the action where they will have to specify these type of details too)

  8. Please specifify
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  9. speficy
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